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Surprising Health Benefits Of Curry

Curry powder, which is typically composed of cardamom, cumin, tumeric, and coriander, is a popular cooking additive. The actual ingredients vary by country, but as a general rule these four make the cut, and combine to bring some nice benefits to your health and well being.

Curry For Arthritis Treatment

Many over the counter drugs for arthritis contain circumin, which helps reduce inflammation. Best yet, circumin has no side effects. This is a pleasant contrast to several other medications people take for arthritis pain. Janet Funk, researcher at the University of Kansas, found that tumeric (in which circumin is a major component of) had major effects on test mice bred to develop arthritis. “The turmeric almost completely prevented the onset of arthritis,” Funk says (Fackelmann).

Curry Vs. Cancer

In laboratory studies on mice, and a few studies with humans, curry has been shown to “close down the genes that cause breast cancer” (Miller). Curry has also been shown to bolster the effects of taxol, a drug used in chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. Studies thus far have produced hopeful results that curry will also help stabilize pancreatic cancer, which is difficult to treat.

Curry For Alzheimer’s

“One of the culprits of Alzheimer’s is a dangerous plaque that debilitates victims ability to function properly” (Miller). The yellow pigment in curry powder, circumin, helps block this plaque and protect the brain. A great testament to this is the fact that India, known for its use of curry in various dishes, has only 25 percent the Alzhemier’s rate of the United States (Miller). “Indians eat from 100 to 200 milligrams of curry each day,” typically (Fackelmann).


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